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SCSA Matches

Match Name Club Tier Date
Eastern Nebraska Gun Club July 2016 MatchEASTERN NEBRASKA GUN CLUBTier I7/03/16 - 7/04/16
CRGC Steel Challenge Match (Chester NH)CHESTER ROD & GUN CLUBTier I7/03/16 - 7/04/16
MCPSL Steel Challenge 7-3-16MILL CREEK PRACTICAL SHOOTERSTier I7/03/16
Florida State Steel Challenge ChampionshipGAINESVILLE PRACTICAL SHOOTERSTier II7/08/16 - 7/11/16
Montana State Steel ChallengeLAST CHANCE HANDGUNNERSTier I7/09/16 - 7/10/16
Payson Practical Pistol Steel Challenge Match, Saturday July 9 , 2016TONTO RIM SPORTS CLUBTier I7/09/16 - 7/10/16
Aberdeen Handgunner\'s Annual Steel ChallengeABERDEEN HANDGUNNERSTier I7/10/16 - 7/11/16
Black Rock July Match Orange Co NYBLACK ROCK FISH & GAME CLUBTier I7/16/16
Summer Steel Challenge MatchGUTHSVILLE ROD & GUN CLUBTier I7/23/16
PGC July Match (Charleston, SC)PALMETTO GUN CLUBTier I7/23/16
Smoke & Hope Shooters July MatchSMOKE & HOPE SHOOTERSTier I7/30/16
Montana State Steel Revolver ChampionshipLAST CHANCE HANDGUNNERSTier I8/06/16 - 8/07/16
MCPSL Steel Challenge 8-7-16MILL CREEK PRACTICAL SHOOTERSTier I8/07/16
Payson Practical Pistol Steel Challenge Match, Saturday August 13 , 2016TONTO RIM SPORTS CLUBTier I8/12/16 - 8/13/16
Canadian National Steel Challenge 2016BUFFALO TARGET SHOOTERS ASSOCIATIONTier III8/19/16 - 8/22/16
Black Rock August Match Orange Co NYBLACK ROCK FISH & GAME CLUBTier I8/20/16
PGC August Match (Charleston, SC)PALMETTO GUN CLUBTier I8/27/16
Indiana State Steel Challenge ChampionshipRILEY CONSERVATION CLUBTier II9/03/16
MCPSL Steel Challenge 9-4-16MILL CREEK PRACTICAL SHOOTERSTier I9/04/16
East Coast Steel Challenge ChampionshipGUTHSVILLE ROD & GUN CLUBTier III9/23/16 - 9/25/16
PGC September Match (Charleston, SC)PALMETTO GUN CLUBTier I9/25/16
South Carolina Steel Challenge ChampionshipPALMETTO GUN CLUBTier II10/21/16 - 10/22/16
Free State Steel Challenge ChampionshipMILL CREEK PRACTICAL SHOOTERSTier II10/22/16 - 10/23/16
Smoke & Hope Shooters October MatchSMOKE & HOPE SHOOTERSTier I10/29/16
2016 Mississippi State Steel Challenge ChampionshipCOAST RIFLE AND PISTOL CLUBTier II11/11/16 - 11/13/16
Eastern Nebraska Gun Club Nov 2016 MatchEASTERN NEBRASKA GUN CLUBTier I11/20/16 - 11/21/16
PGC November Match (Charleston, SC)PALMETTO GUN CLUBTier I11/20/16
PGC December Match (Charleston, SC)PALMETTO GUN CLUBTier I12/24/16
VI°Trofeo U.g.i. “ per tornare a sorridere” (gara di beneficenza)SHOOTING TEAM LIVIGNOTier I4/11/20 - 4/13/20
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