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Match Name:DEAD ZERO July 6th Steel Challenge
Tier:Tier I
Location:Spencer, TN
Contact:Thomas Wright
Email:[email protected]
Additional Info:Monthly SCSA Steel Challenge Match @ Dead Zero Shooting Park – Spencer TN All times Central Set-Up starts at 8:00 Check-in at 9:00 Safety Briefing in Bay 2 at 9:45 Match will start at 10:00. Price $20 first gun (Non-DZSP Member) - $5 Discount for DZSP Members $10 per additional gun - 2 Gun Limit per Competitor Payment at Check-In day of event - Cash Preferred (credit card fees will apply) Monthly Match we will shoot 6 Steel Challenge Qualification Stages. SIGN UP EARLY - MATCH IS LIMITED ON SPACE Match and Squad Size Limits Match size is limited to 48 guns - 4 Squads - 12 Gun limit per Squad SIGN-UP & SQUAD ON-LINE PractiScore On-Line sign-up is limited to 40 shooters. If you signup and then find you cannot make the match, PLEASE request to be WITHDRAWN to allow other shooters to squad. Squad after on-line registration to reserve your spots. Please attempt to balance the on-line squads - it may be necessary to adjust the squads the day of the event. All Competitors must check-in at Dead Zero Pro Shop – Guns, Ammo, Holsters, Refreshments are also available for purchase What is Steel Challenge? Simply - Drag Racing with Guns. Shoot 5 steel plates as fast as you can for time. Shoot 5 strings of fire per stage and discard your longest time string for total time/score. 6 Qualification Stages will be available to be shot = 150 rounds minimum (bring extra in case there are misses or a timing error when a re-shoot is necessary) There is no minimum age requirement however, all shooters must have a good understanding of their gun and be able to adhere to the basic rules of safe gun handling. Those younger than 18 years old must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. See our Facebook Page if you have any questions. It contains a link to the 2018 SCSA rules, as well as a FAQ sheet. Questions can be answered as well.

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