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Vanek Classic GM-kit - $160.00 - (ad #25425)
10/30/2017 11:40:58 AM
Akos T Mester - TY59522
Las Vegas NV
Classic-GM Trigger Kit The Classic-GM Kit comes with a Jager tuned lightened steel striker/firing pin. The Jager firing pin has been modified for the best trigger possible and can reduce the trigger weight up to 4 ounces while adding smoothness and reliability. This kit also comes with adjustable pre-travel capability that will allow you to fine tune the distance of the trigger pull. Disclaimer: When removing pre-travel the individual using this capability must be knowledgeable on how the safeties function and it is their responsibility to keep the safeties working. Jager Lightened Striker/Firing Pin! This extremely light weight steel firing pin has been "tuned" and is furnished with the GM Trigger Kit. The lighter striker/firing pin is designed to use with reduced power spring, plus the tip has been extended to help eliminate light primer strikes and provide increased reliability. Kit includes: Tuned Jager Lightened Steel Striker/Firing Pin Tuned Trigger Bar w/OEM smooth faced trigger (found in full-sized Glocks, as opposed to serrated trigger in sub-compact models) Tuned 3.5 lb Connector Modified Firing Pin Safety Trigger Spring Firing Pin Safety Spring Firing Pin Spring 4.0lb Firing Pin Spring 4.5lb Firing Pin Spring 5.0lb Adjustable Pre-Travel Capability Spacer Sleeve Trigger Housing with (preset) Adjustable Over-Travel Stop. The Trigger Group and Firing Pin Mechanism comes assembled and ready to install, and because there are no visible modifications made to the trigger, it it can be used for IDPA SSP and USPSA Production. Generations 1, 2, and 3 use the same kit. Use the Trigger Kit Installation links with detailed pictures and step by step instructions for easy installation. The Slide Installation will help when removing and installing the slide parts and the Frame Installation will help when removing and installing the receiver parts. Note: These Triggers have a pull in the 2 lb. range. The trigger pull range will vary due to inconsistencies between individual Glock's. These kits will vastly improve your trigger action over the factory trigger. Kits are built within tolerances, which will allow them to be interchanged between Glock's of the same frame size. shipped $160 [img=]

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