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Match Scores for: Corpus Christi CCPRC Sunday February 18th Steel Challenge Match Level:1 club:SCSA099 2/18/18 - 2/18/18

Main Match

Stage #SCSA IDStage Name
1SC-101Stage 1 Bay 16 - 5 To Go
2SC-105Stage 2 Bay 15- Accelerator
3SC-108Stage 3 Bay 14- Roundabout
4SC-102Stage 4 Bay 13- Showdown
5SC-104Stage 5 Bay 12- Outer Limits
6SC-103Stage 6 Bay 11- Smoke&Hope
PlaceNameCompSCSADivisionAggregateTotalStage 1Stage 2Stage 3Stage 4Stage 5Stage 6DQAdditional
1Holdon P9A87515CO91.6591.6516.8615.8011.8714.7519.2213.15 Junior
2Kirk C54FY101606PROD96.8596.8515.8718.3515.3314.4821.3011.52
3Bob F24TY78363OSR101.50101.5016.6120.8313.0416.3919.6315.00
4Holdon P10A87515ISR117.23117.2318.6821.6116.3720.8426.3413.39 Junior
5Daniel C55PROD120.72120.7223.5520.8118.1318.8824.3515.00
6Kalen M66LTD128.02128.0225.0026.3517.8617.0425.6016.17
7Jim D35A93558OPN128.12128.1222.7022.3018.8318.8528.5516.89 Super Senior
8Eric M72A105344LTD131.44131.4425.2521.7217.9420.8229.6416.07
9Mike M3SS132.35132.3526.1419.7221.6319.0426.2319.59 Senior
10Sergio D49LTD134.01134.0122.1225.1620.2119.4727.6019.45
11Mike M51A102381SS134.09134.0919.7125.0517.4719.3428.8123.71
12Kiyoshi I57PROD134.20134.2026.4323.5521.4021.3725.6415.81 Senior
13Andrew T38PROD150.89150.8924.7632.3723.5524.0630.6815.47
14John H46LTD160.00160.0029.0522.8918.9624.9349.1315.04
15Andres M56LTD170.27170.2731.7223.9937.3519.1837.6620.37
16David R37SS172.66172.6626.6436.2023.5726.6539.8619.74 Senior
17Doug H69LTD173.88173.8840.9625.9423.7529.7034.3219.21
18Chip M7SS178.81178.8134.7943.1022.9824.5736.5616.81 Senior
19Katie U63LTD200.05200.0535.1147.7630.3432.0336.5318.28 Junior
20Jim J33PROD239.91239.9151.9842.5731.9438.2944.9530.18 Senior
21Mike O53LTD248.49248.4954.8751.0035.8230.7257.0219.06
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