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Match Scores for: Corpus Christi CCPRC Sunday May 20th Steel Challenge Match Level:1 club:SCSA099 5/20/18 - 5/20/18

Rimfire Pistol

Stage #SCSA IDStage Name
1SC-103Stage 1 Smoke & Hope
2SC-106Stage 2 Pendulum
3SC-105Stage 3 Accelerator
4SC-102Stage 4 Showdown
5SC-104Stage 5 Outer Limits
6SC-108Stage 6 Roundabout
PlaceNameCompSCSADivisionAggregateTotalStage 1Stage 2Stage 3Stage 4Stage 5Stage 6DQAdditional
1Ethan I8A83214RFPI52.8452.846.788.839.857.2213.436.73 Junior
2Byron H6A76799RFPO72.1672.1610.1212.9013.2210.8314.7710.32 Senior
3Dustin D22A99994RFPO74.3074.3011.9813.6713.216.6716.4412.33 Junior
4Jenna J3A100625RFPO75.1775.1710.8311.9712.4613.3117.009.60 Lady, Junior
5Anasofia M15A107989RFPI77.5577.559.5717.7813.019.7718.219.21 Junior
6Alex L45A95173RFPI82.7082.709.4413.0314.1917.7316.1812.13 Junior
7Charles D24A104704RFPO83.8983.8911.4515.3011.7310.6818.4016.33
8Ruben G37RFPI93.5393.5313.1215.2316.6213.5120.2314.82
9Jorge G55A108657RFPI94.1894.1811.0121.1116.3613.2219.8312.65 Junior
10Sergio P29A108715RFPO96.3896.3812.8116.4214.4113.5120.2718.96 Junior
11Kiyoshi I56RFPI98.9098.9010.6019.0313.5415.4322.7017.60 Senior
12#1 Dennis E B12A33422RFPO98.9498.9411.2817.9015.5315.0224.2214.99 Super Senior
13Eric M19A105344RFPI101.24101.2412.6717.0616.0014.5624.6116.34
14Allison H30A109568RFPO103.95103.9512.4721.9720.1813.4720.6015.26 Lady, Junior
15Rico G35RFPI104.17104.1712.2817.6120.6115.8920.6317.15 Junior
16Alexia H2RFPI105.38105.3814.0519.0917.7115.7124.5214.30 Lady, Junior
17Alora H21A105335RFPI111.69111.6916.1522.6217.3819.2019.0917.25 Lady, Junior
18Allison H31A109568RFPI131.51131.5115.9926.9922.1921.2927.6517.40 Lady, Junior
19Joe N16RFPO148.53148.5314.6328.4526.5518.2732.8027.83 Senior
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