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Classification Summary

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Updated 9/12/17 01:09 PM

SC-1015 to Go5Classifier and Ranking
SC-102Showdown5Classifier and Ranking
SC-103Smoke & Hope5Classifier and Ranking
SC-104Outer Limits4Ranking only
SC-105Accelerator5Classifier and Ranking
SC-106The Pendulum5Classifier and Ranking
SC-107Speed Option5Ranking only
SC-108Roundabout5Classifier and Ranking

Class6 Stage Class Aggregate
Steel Grand Master<= 65 seconds
Steel Master<= 75 seconds
Steel A<= 85 seconds
Steel B<= 115 seconds
Steel C<= 200 seconds
Steel D<= 500 seconds

Classifications use only 6 of these stages (SC-104 and SC-107) are included in the ranking, but not used for classification). This is done since those excluded stages require a larger range layout and SCSA wishes to make it possible for our members to obtain classification at as many different clubs as reasonably possible.

Rankings are generated using your SCSA member number. If a score is missing, please check the match results to verify your member number is included and correct. If the number is inaccurate, you need to contact match staff to have the results corrected and re-uploaded.

A time of 30.00 seconds is used for each string in any stage that the competitor has not shot (A total of 120 seconds for a best 4 of 5 strings stage; 90 seconds for a best 3 of 4 strings stage).

Rankings are based on scores from all 8 stages in all divisions except Rimfire and Shotgun.

Rankings and classifications are only reported for SCSA members who have at least one of the official stages used for standings on file.

The classification system is new, and subject to refinement/change as SCSA gains additional data and experience.

Competitors are listed sorted by 8 stage composite ranking. In order to see this report sorted by 6 stage classifier total click on this link. Click on the SCSA # for a detailed report on that competitor.

* - Stages with an asterisk are included in the ranking (calculated using all 8 offical stages), but are not used for classification purposes. The reason some stages are omitted from use as classifiers is that the dimensions of these stages make them more difficult for some clubs to set up, and it is the desire of SCSA to make classification as widely available as possible.

SCSA #NameRankSC-101SC-102SC-103SC-104SC-105SC-106SC-107SC-108Rank
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