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Steel Challenge Merges into USPSA

When USPSA purchased the Steel Challenge Shooting Association in 2008, the former administration was advised to set it up as an LLC to protect the parent organization. After recent meetings with the organization's attorney and CPA Firm, it has been determined that the need for an LLC no longer exists. Therefore, USPSA and SCSA will be merging into one association with Steel Challenge becoming a shooting discipline alongside practical shooting and multi-gun, all under the USPSA umbrella. If you have time left on your current SCSA membership we will credit that time to your USPSA membership. If you are not a dual member your membership will automatically convert to a USPSA membership of the same type with the same membership expiration date. If a member has a Life membership in both organizations their membership will be converted to a USPSA Benefactor Member. As for clubs, we will continue to maintain separate affiliations, but we will only charge for one. We have found that some clubs prefer to keep their Steel and Practical disciplines separated with a unique organizer for each. We understand that and have decided to continue to allow separate club affiliations. That is, a club can affiliate as a USPSA club, SCSA club or both for one fee. All rules and regulations for each respective discipline still apply, but so do all benefits and rights. Additionally, we will honor those clubs who are currently multi-year affiliates, but in the future, we will offer only single-year reaffiliations, just like USPSA. In a nutshell, we are now offering affiliation or membership in either or both organization for one price –and no, that price is not going up as a result. If you are currently an SCSA-only club and would like to add USPSA affiliation for no additional charge –or vice versa-- just email our offices ( we will set you up with your complimentary affiliation. Steel Challenge classifications will be maintained under your USPSA/SCSA member number, but will be independent of your USPSA classification.
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